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Saskatoon Language Teacher Online
Writing Program

I will plan engaging activities that will help your child to refine and enhance their academic skills through writing. 

Your son or daughter will embark with me on the pursuit of knowledge and self-expression in the Saskatoon Language Teacher Online Writing Program. Your child will develop their interests and elevate their level of success in the area of writing. Among other teaching strategies, I will use close reading of high-interest, non-fiction texts, using articles created especially for school-age students. We will begin the writing process with intensive research into a specific content-area. I will screen-share articles during our video-conference lessons, and after reading we will have discussions about the scientific concepts or social issues explored in the texts, enhancing your son or daughter's critical thinking and communication skills, and ultimately increasing their confidence with paragraph and essay writing on a variety of topics. 

Enrichment: Welcome
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