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I consider myself very fortunate to have come across such a suitable tutor for my son’s needs.

 Zoe is a very experienced teacher who prepared all her classes with care and enthusiasm. She worked with my son to first find an area of interest and then began teaching reading and various types of writing. She was always easy-going, encouraging, patient, and approachable. I believe that, due to her lessons, my

10 year old has gained immense interest and confidence in his language skills. Zoe is an excellent teacher who understands students’ specific needs with English language and knows exactly how to support them. 

I am very happy to recommend her to students of any level.  " 



Finding a passionate and thoughtful language teacher, who would understand and assure our child:

“YOU CAN DO IT” was a challenging task for us. As non-native English speakers, we wanted our daughter to have a caring teacher to encourage her and make her self-confident. We can confidently say that one can get that from Saskatoon Language Teacher Online. Zoe is an amazing teacher and what makes her, and her classes special are her innovative techniques which are technically sound and creative. In addition to language, Zoe covers various topics from different subjects of the kid’s choice which makes every class fun, and informative at the same time. Zoe plans everything far ahead of time and creates goals through which my daughter has benefited. I highly recommend trying Saskatoon Language Teacher Online. You won't be disappointed! 



I can confidently recommend Zoe to any parent who would like their child to improve their English in any skill area: speaking, listening, writing or reading. Zoe is a patient and nice teacher. She has the technical skills to engage students’ concentration and their passion with learning English. My daughter was a beginner with English who could only write simple sentences with a beginner level vocabulary. After studying with Zoe, she can confidently write a story with more advanced vocabulary and is focusing on sentence expression. Please sign up for Saskatoon Language Teacher

if your child needs extra help.

You will earn more than you think! 



I highly recommend Saskatoon Language Teacher. My two daughters have been learning English as an additional language with Zoe for a few months now. They have improved their writing, speaking, reading and listening skills. Zoe is an amazing, friendly teacher. Classes with her are interesting and fun. She has an individual approach for each student, recognizes their needs, builds a plan with goals and accomplishes it. My daughters love classes with Zoe and I am very happy and thankful that she teaches them.



What makes Saskatoon Language Teacher so special is that Zoe puts in so much effort, patience and love. She is very hands on and accommodating, making sure every on-line class is exciting, fun and informative. Zoe's lessons helped Jacob considerably with listening, following instructions, communicating, and working on tasks like writing, reading, and drawing. Saskatoon Language Teacher was Jacob's very first experience with online classes, and as a result he found it very easy to adjust and become comfortable with his online kindergarten class.

We will always be grateful for the experience and all the things Jacob learned with Saskatoon Language Teacher and we highly recommend for others to try Saskatoon Language Teacher for their kids as well. 



" We consider ourselves very lucky to have found Saskatoon Language Teacher Online for our daughter, Bhaswatee. Zoe is a kind, caring, and patient teacher. Under Zoe’s guidance, our daughter reached a better level in her vocabulary, reading and writing skills. Previously, our daughter was not as focused on her study topics. Zoe detected this instantly and helped her immensely with concentrating on various topics. Our daughter, Bhaswatee, improved quickly by following Zoe’s advice, and soon started working on extensive writing assignments with Zoe. After reading her finished products, I realized that Bhaswatee was doing far better than ever before! I saw her amazing performance in reviewing books and making powerpoint presentations. Within eight months of weekly classes, her English knowledge had grown much better. Bhaswatee looks forward to taking more fun, exciting, and informative classes with one of the best teachers I have ever seen. If you want your child to reach a higher level in their English skills, I am proud to say that

I can highly recommend Zoe to all parents.



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