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Saskatoon Language Teacher Online
Intensive Online Reading Program

Many students simply absorb the skills required to become a good reader, but a handful of students need to be explicitly taught these skills. One-on-one instruction is highly beneficial for those students who need targeted instruction in reading.


My Intensive Online Reading Program will give your son or daughter the one-on-one attention they require to succeed in all areas of reading. 

With a 1:1 teacher to student ratio, I am able to modify lessons not only before and after teaching but during teaching, responding to my student moment-to-moment as they learn. I can modify my instruction mid-lesson depending on whether the student is grasping each micro-skill required for lesson mastery.


I will start by assessing your child's phonological awareness and reading comprehension skills.

During my first few classes with your child, I will assess their reading skills to ensure they possess the foundational skills needed to comprehend text. As my program progresses, I will help your child build phonological awareness, decoding and encoding skills so that they can build upon their bank of sight words. Your child will become excited about words, their structure, and how they can be broken apart to make new words. 


I will design a program that targets the reading skills that your child needs.

Many students simply absorb reading skills through exposure, but some students must be explicitly taught to read. Word attack skills need to be taught directly, for example: "The vowel digraph /oo/ makes two different sounds, as you can hear when listening to the word 'book' and the word 'moon' ". Reading comprehension strategies also need to be taught explicitly, for example: "Some comprehension questions ask you to look back in the passage to find a particular fact that you learned. Other comprehension questions ask you to think about something that happened in a story and connect this to something similar that has happened in your life." 

My goal is to teach reading strategies that will enable your child to become an independent learner and a lifelong reader.

Intensive Reading: Welcome
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