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Saskatoon Language Teacher Online
E.A.L. Program

I will work with your child on speaking English with confidence. 

Schools reward students who verbally advocate for themselves. Whether your child is in grade ten, asking for an extension on an assignment, in grade four, working with their peers on a group project, or in or grade two, presenting to their classmates during circle time, your child will continuously be expected to speak with volume and confidence.

I will build reading comprehension skills.

A common reading test used in elementary schools asks students to read a test book aloud and then have a conversation with their teacher to show what they understand. I will work with your child on talking about books with enthusiasm, as well as answering reading comprehension questions.

I will teach paragraph and essay writing skills

For English language learners, written expression is often the hardest skill to learn. A good speaker is more likely to be a good writer. We will start by speaking about important topics, and then work on typing up

and organizing thoughts on the screen.

I will create listening practice activities for your child.

We will study academic vocabulary words from social studies and science

using well-reviewed websites.

A huge amount of vocabulary needs to be acquired to succeed in these subject areas. I will work with your child whether they are at a beginner, intermediate or advanced level of proficiency. Research shows that it may take between 5-7 years to understand the spoken vocabulary needed to become fluent in academic English.

E.A.L. Grades 1 - 12 : Welcome
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